Wondering How Much A Youtuber Makes? Here’s Your Answer.

Are thinking of starting a Youtube channel? But you are not sure how much you can earn? Well, Social Blade might just have the answer for you. Social Blade is an analytics tool for Youtube, Twitch, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Dailymotion, Mixer and DLive.

Social Blade gives users(public) global analytics for any content creator, brand or live streamer.

How to use Social Blade

It has an easy to use user interface with a search bar on the header and a button to select which social media platform you are searching for analytics. All you have to do is search for a content creator and it provides you with all the analytics of the account to the public. Here’s an example of when I searched for one of the best Youtube content creators, Evan Carmichael.

Seeing Estimated Youtube Income

You can see the estimated daily, monthly and yearly income. He testified that SocialBlade’s estimated earnings on Youtube are fairly lower compared to he actually earns.

Future Projections

This tool provides you with future projections of subscriber growth, views milestone if you consistently create content which is valuable to your subscribers.

Social Blade Youtube Education

It has two Youtube courses which are free. These courses teach you from video quality, monetisation, video intros, copyrights, audio quality, using Youtube Video editor, managing comments, using social media for optimisation, collaboration, etc. It is a vital course if you are thinking of starting a Youtube channel or you already have one which is not really performing as you expect.

Graphical Analytics For Monthly Subscribers and Video Views Gained

Social Blade Youtube Gained Views and Subscribers
After you have learned this why would you stop creating your own youtube channel? Youtube an actually give you a sustainable income.

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