What Should You Learn To Become A Modern Computer And Mobile Game Developer.

Being a game developer requires you to have a high level of software skills. You will need different qualifications depending on which area of game development you want to go into. An animator will need animation experience or training but a programmer will need to learn coding languages. There are many categories of game development which include Unity Game Development, HTML5 Game Development, Virtual Reality Game Development and also Android and iOS Game development just to mention a few. Each of this game requires some of the unique coding languages but some are complementary to each profession.

 Learn Unity Game Development.

With Unity Game Development you will learn unity and C# that includes learning how to use the Unity IDE( Integrated Development Environment). You will also learn 2D and 3D game development. Examples of 2D games which can be built by Unity is a Fruit Slicing Game like Fruit Ninja. Likewise, a 3D can be a first-person shooter or a storytelling game. Yes, Virtual Reality is included in Unity Game development where you can build a flying platform experience. You will learn about creating the UI( User Interface) and also setting the levels to your game to make continuous and challenging.

Learn Virtual Reality.

You will learn to create the VR experience by building a flying platform. Learning about Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear, Steam VR and Google Cardboard (iOS and Android). This will include learning how to work with 360° media, UI in VR. Positioning in VR, How you can animate an underwater experience in VR. VR is really broad and also the future of gaming because of it’s simulation.

Learn Android and iOS Game Development.

If you want to learn this I would recommend you start by learning Javascript and HTML5 Phaser. After learning you are equipped to be learning a runner game that goes on forever and also learn to add controllers to a game. Multi-level platformer game like Mario where you will face different enemies in levels of the game. So many types of games you can build here like a candy match game( You know what I’m talking about). You will also learn app monetization i.e adding ads(using AdMob) and in-app purchases( IAP).

Learn HTML5 Game Development.

Firstly games build using HTML5 using Phaser 3. These games are cross-platform and can run on both desktops and mobile phones from day one. Phaser is a 2D game development framework used to build HTML5 games. To build HTML5 games you will also need to learn JavaScript.

Where can I learn all these software skills?

Having a bachelor’s degree is quite better because it stands you out among others in the field. But having a job or owning a software development agency does not require one. There so many short courses one can take to become an expert software engineer. If you are interested in the software development skills I have mentioned above you can get them at a discount from an online Gaming Academy if you use the link below.

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