Are you a new web designer or you are just trying to build a website yourself for your business. These days, with all the free tools out there anyone can build their own website and have it up running in just under an hour. But I am sure you will have the same question I had when I first started out which IS IT A GOOD DESIGN? In this article, I will share the characteristics of successful web design.

Firstly before building or designing your website, you should get HOSTING and a DOMAIN. After that you install WordPress. Most hosting providers have a one-click install of WordPress. Now let’s get to what makes a successful web design.

Key Elements

Layout and User Experience

Make sure the layout of the website is clear and easy to navigate. When users visit your website they should see the clear elements of your website. Put the most important information on the top and the least one at the bottom. The most important is what the users first see when they land on your website. Mainly that is the turning point which makes users navigate around your website or leave instantly.


Do not use many colours on your website. I recommend you use at most two(2) colours on your site. The colours should not be too bright. Users’ may leave a website immediately if the colours are affecting their vision.


Use a friendly and clear font. Your font should be easy to read. Using uppercase and lowercase letters where it’s suitable. Also, try not to mix up too many fonts one(1) for the whole website may be fine.


Whose website is it?

Yes, Brand Awareness is essential to make customers visit your website again. Insert your logo on the header of your website. Your logo should be clearly seen maybe the first thing people will remember after visiting your website.

What do you sell and to whom?

If you are offering a service it should be clear what you offer so that people actually looking for that service will likely contact you. People shouldn’t guess what you do on your website.

What is your strength compared to your competitors?

There’s a saying which says “customers buy stories, not products” Writes what sets you apart from your competitors. Give them a story, not the generic we do this and that only. Having a tagline which captures the customers’ eyes and mind.

Test Drive

This is the part when you are done designing your website and you start test driving it. Visit your website and try to think like a customer. Ask yourself what you think when you visit people/companies’ website. What do you expect from their websites for you to keep on visiting that website and actually buying their services? Thinking like a customer will easily make you see the adjustments needed in your design. Be sure that your site is easy to navigate and visually attractive.

Find a Good Reference

Visit some existing websites and see how they were designed. When I started I used to take a look and to see the layout, font and colours and I learnt a lot from the best there. Learn from their strength and weaknesses and apply them to your website.

Have a good time designing and note all the good designers did not start out as expects but also as beginners.

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