Understanding The Value Of Time Management.

Time management should be one of the qualities that you should take very seriously if you are looking at your personal development. It is rightly said that a person who does not respect time does not respect his or her own self. Today, parents go all out to seed the values of time management in their children so that they can grow up to be better individuals who can gain respect in society.

What is Time Management?

Is it about making a timetable and abiding by it? Or is it about allocating specific time to do your daily tasks? Or is it about separating time for work, play, food and everything else we need to do as people/humans?

In simple terms, time management is all about scheduling your tasks in any way that ensures their accomplishment. It does not matter how much time you allocate towards your tasks; the main objective is that you should be able to accomplish everything that you take up. There should be no wastefulness of time. Even entertainment and recreation—two very important human necessities—should be accounted for. When a person masters the art of doing that, they can be called as good time managers.

The Most Important Quality In Time Management.

Another important quality that people must have that links with time management is prioritisation. We take up various tasks, and we already have so many different things to do throughout the day. However, our time resources are limited. That is why prioritisation becomes important. This ensures that we accomplish the most important tasks first.

Which are the most important tasks?

The tasks on which the fulfilment of other tasks are related—those are the ones that need to be prioritised.  When you learn to prioritise, you automatically manage your time in a better way. So, whether you are a housewife or you are the president of a country, it is quite essential that you learn to value time. Time is a finite resource that we have—it is our utmost responsibility to make the most of every second that we have and use it fruitfully for some kind of advancement, either our own or of the people and things we care for and love.

Tips To Manage Your Time Better.

Are you looking for ways to manage your time in a better way? Better time management leads to better personal development. So, if you not looking for these methods yet, you should start now. Here are some tips to help you manage your time better.

  1. Realise your potential and capacities. This is a very important step in time management. When you know your own capabilities, you get a good idea of how soon you can complete a task. Others may take the whole day to accomplish what takes you an hour. So understanding your potential is very vital.
  2. Time things you do frequently. If you have a regular type of work, then check how much time you need to do that so as to increase efficiency.
  3. Always prioritise your work. Give priority to tasks that are important and those that have an influence on others’ fulfilment. Prioritisation can lead to better productivity.
  4. Keep proper time for every kind of activity—work, play and recreation. Keep some family time as well. If you only allocate time for work, then your time management will backfire because you will be stressed out. You will then look for other kinds of things to do, and rebuff your own time management agenda.
  5. Always have some variety in your tasks. Don’t do the same things over and over again. Clockwork precision may sound good for time management but it actually isn’t. When things become boring, they may take longer to finish just because you may not stay motivated to do the same kinds of things repetitively. Variety is the spice of life.
  6. Plan ahead of deadlines. For all work that needs to be compulsorily completed within a particular period of time, you need to prepare a proper strategy. Plan on finishing all such work a little ahead of schedule. That takes care of all contingencies and helps you finish the jobs you have taken up.
  7. Keep all your watches and clocks five minutes ahead. Even if you consciously know that they are ahead, your subconscious mind will respond to the hands of the watch or clock and try to work faster. It happens—try it out!

Try these time management tips and see how you can add to their productivity. These are tips that can help you immensely in your personal development efforts.