TinyPNG Image Optimizer and Compressor Review

There ‘s no longer a need to hire a photoshop expert to optimize and compress images preserving full transparency. TinyPNG is an online image compression tool. Its compression techniques reduce the size of the image(s) by 50 – 80% without a decrease in quality. It compresses both .png and .jpg formats, even animated images.

Is TinyPNG Free?

Like most tools out there it has a free and pro version. The free version has a maximum upload of 20 images at once with the condition of 5mb (megabytes) each image. If you want to upload more than 20 images and a maximum size of 25mb you have to GoPro for only $25 per year payable with PayPal or credit card.

How To Use TinyPNG

Very easy, just a simple drag and drop and it compresses and optimize the image(s). After that, you download your images or save to Dropbox.

My Experience With TinyPNG

I have been using this tool to resize images for various purposes which include for my website and clients’ images. The best feature about this tool is that you cannot spot the difference between the original transparent image and the optimized transparent image, only the small size will let you know it has been compressed.

TinyPNG Photoshop Plugin

This plugin enables you to save the images directly from Photoshop. The plugin costs $65 one time purchase only. There’s no need to worry about colour management as it automatically converts images to RGBs. It works with many versions of Photoshop CS5, CS6 and CC 2013 to 2019.

WordPress Plugin and Magento Extension

The plugin automatically optimizes the images you have uploaded to your WordPress and Magento website. This helps your website load faster and saves on storage space and bandwidth. It has a maximum upload of 100 images per month on a free account. You can take a look at all the other features for Magento and WordPress.