Pot Player Review

Pot Player The Best Media Player Review And Settings.

In this article, I will explain why Pot Player is the best media player. Pot Player has multiple features which I will explain also in the video attached to this post. The features include a playlist, a floating control panel, skins, playing RAR files and also opening multiple windows.

Pot Player Opens Multiple Windows.

Yes, what I mean by that is that you can open multiple media/ video files playing all at once. So this means you do not close one video to open another.


Pot Player Floating Control Panel.

The control panel can float over the movie while playing it. In the video I have shown this feature. In the control panel that is where you can adjust color, saturation, brightness and contrast to make your viewing experience more fun.

Pot Player Plays RAR Files.

With Pot Player, there is no need to extract video files to play them. Pot player opens a RAR file and plays it without extracting first.

Pot Player Plays Music.

Like other media players, it also plays music. It is not the one I use for music but it is also a good music player.

Pot Player Download.

To download Pot Player please click here