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My experience with Muzinda Hub

I have attended Muzinda Hub program and in this article, I will share my experience and what Muzinda Hub has done for me. There are a number of questions I asked my self before enrolling to Muzinda Hub maybe you too have some of the questions. 

What is Muzinda Hub Application process like?

Firstly, let look at the Muzinda Hub application process. I got to know about Muzinda Hub through my brother. Though it took me a number of years to finally consider Muzinda Hub. I contacted Muzinda Hub via their facebook page which is highly responsive. My intention was to find out about Muzinda Hub fees and what they require for enrollment. The training program is applied online via their website. The highest qualification they require for the training program is an ‘O’ level certificate. To apply just complete the registration form on their website and wait for the response in your email from their support team. After you have received the acceptance email that’s then when you pay the $120 training fees.

What is Muzinda Hub Training Program Like?

It’s a five-month Digital Skills Training program which consists of specialised e-learning coding modules in Conduction with Treehouse, business and entrepreneurship skills and a practical group project where you combine the first two parts of the training to apply the skills acquired to make an application( mobile, desktop) or create an algorithm. The e-learning coding modules include Android Development, Python, Javascript, Swift and Front-end Web development just to mention a few.

How to know which Treehouse coding module you want to start with?

Firstly every programming language has its own advantages and disadvantages. As an aspiring programmer, you know what your fingertips and mind like most be its desktop applications, Mobile apps (android or ios) or even mobile or desktop games. That is how you select the module you want to specialise or start with, so like everything you are not sure about you go onto the search engines e.g Google and search what programming language should I learn if I want to be an Android developer for example. And then Google does its thing or a much easier way is that you go onto the Treehouse channel on Youtube and search who does what in the tech industry? where the Treehouse founder Ryan Carson has explained the purpose of some of the programming languages. In my experience, I chose Android because I am in love with mobile application more than anything else.

How do you know how Muzinda Hub graduates are doing in the Industry?

Muzinda Hub does workshops for the students where the students meet up and discuss the challenges they are facing, also we meet up with some of the graduates who share their experience in the tech industry and how powerful the Muzinda Hub certificate is? In other terms how you can start your own tech firm or look for a permanent job or freelancing online. That is where you learn about some of the application which has been made by Muzinda Hub graduates in how they are creating solutions to make the world a better place.

Does Geographical Location affect Me when I have enrolled in Muzinda Hub?

Geographical location does not affect you when you have enrolled with Muzinda Hub. All you need is a computer ( laptop/desktop) and an internet connection. Everything in the course is done virtually. Whether you in the UK, Bulawayo ( Zimbabwe) you can do the course from your home in the comfort of your sofa. Also when you have paid the $120 you just forward the payment details to their support team there’s no need to visit the premises. The only disadvantage of being located far from the premises is that you won’t be able to attend the workshops as they are recording their workshops yet.

Muzinda Hub Graduation.

At graduation, you have to be there in person if you want to receive the certificate as soon they have been printed. Our graduation was hosted at the Meiklels Hotel. This is where the top five projects where presented for the outgoing class. This experience with Muzinda Hub has really inspired me to open this website inorder help others and grow myself in the industry.


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