I Made My First Sale On Fiverr

Yes making money online is very real. It became a reality for me when I made my first $5 sale on Fiverr. The most important factor before being excited about getting paid was to get a good review and 5-star rating so that I can get more referrals and so I did.

I learned about Fiverr through a course I took from Internet Pro Club which is an online coaching platform about making money online from the internet. I would recommend any newbie who wants to make money online to take on this coaching program and know what works.

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelancers from Israel in which services sold to customers worldwide starting from $5 only.

Who should join Fiverr?

A freelancer and someone who needs a job done. Fiverr is a great place to connect with professionals for a much cheaper fee. Whether you are looking for a graphics designer, video editor, game tester, copywriting, programmers, voice-over, data entry, transcribing, etc any skill you can think of a seller is always available on Fiverr or you can join as one.

How do I get hired on Fiverr

When you join Fiverr as a freelancer you set your gig(s) for the services you are selling. When a buyer places an order for a gig you are offering you receive an email or push notification if you have installed the mobile application on your smartphone. From the time the order has been placed Fiverr will be counting down the time to finish your order as per the maximum time you set to deliver an order on your gig.

Fiverr Payment

Firstly, the minimum withdrawal is $5. When you get your order Fiverr takes 20% of the revenue earned from first order only and it takes 14 days when you are a level 1 seller and 7 days for a level 2 seller for the funds to get cleared for withdrawal. Fiverr offers three payment methods which are Paypal, Bank Transfer & Fiverr Revenue Card(Payoneer Mastercard).

Fiverr Courses

It also offers courses to boost your skills and keep up with the ever-changing advances in technology. Certified instructors will lead you through the courses. If you take a course on Fiverr you are likely to get hired as Fiverr will be pushing your profile for jobs as they will know you are now a professional. Courses offered range from Social media, Adobe, Facebook Ads, storytelling, etc as shown in the screenshot below.h



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