Twitter and Instagram are overcrowded social platforms. This sometimes causes difficulties for businesses or individuals to reach their potential clients or leads. Especially on Twitter with politicians both local and international competing for attention tweeting time and again sometimes even broadcasting live. Which brings me to say Hashtags might be what your business is missing. Hashtags connect the world regardless of geography. Below I will show you 6 of the best hashtag research which helps in selecting the best hashtag to use.

1. RiteTag

RiteTag is a hashtag suggesting tool which derives hashtags from text and images. RiteTag is available in three forms as an extension for your web browser, mobile application (Android and iOS).

RiteTag gives you a 7 day free trial but pricing for the tool is only $49 annually for 1000 images and text queries per month from browser extensions and mobile apps. You can add an unlimited number of social networks to it which include the likes of Facebook (Pages and Groups), Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin(Profiles and Groups).

On this image, you see how RiteTag suggests from text or images for Instagram and Twitter.

2. Hashtigfy

Hashatgify is a really good tool if you are just starting out on hashtag research. with it’s easy to use interface you can search for Hashtags suggestions and get related hashtags as to correlation, popularity and trends. Like RiteTag, Hastagify has a 7-day free trial and the plans start from $19 per month, but you only get the free trial if you enter payment details to avoid interruptions when it is over. Unfortunately, Hashtagify currently disabled Instagram tracking due to new Instagram policies and API tracking. With Hashtagify you can analyse what your competitors are doing or not. You can also check for top influencers in case you want to hire one.

3. Tweet Archivist

This tool provides powerful and affordable twitter analytics. You can follow your Twitter campaign to see how far it went. it can help you monitor your brand on Twitter for free, yes FREE! the analytics will help view the most popular hashtags associated with tweets.

4. Keyhole

Keyhole is a very vital resource for monitoring social media. It provides real-time data statistics of hashtags, top influencers from the world wide web by use of creating a tracker shown in the image below. It shows you the number of posts, users, engagements, reach and the full breakdown of the top devices like mobile or desktop which were engaged with the keyword.

5. Trendmaps

This is the one for local businesses as it tracks trending topics or hashtags based on geography. As you can see in the image above. With the paid plan you can zoom into a city and track the trending hashtags or keywords in that city like in Harare the trending keyword is #Zvakaoma.

6. Socialert

This one is perfect for small businesses and individual users. With this one, you can search for a hashtag, keyword or even a mention. It provides the statistics via a colour map of the atlas which highlights which part of the world has your campaign most engaged with. It also has a paid and free plan. This one is budget friendly as the paid plan only goes for $9.95 only to create two(2) campaigns.


Hashtags are absolutely necessary for digital marketing. Most of those resources have free trials so try all of them to figure out which one to invest in.

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