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How Perfectionsim Has Held Me Back From Getting Anything Done

Perfectionism is the quality of liking to do things perfectly and not being satisfied with anything less according to Oxford learner’s dictionary. There is nothing wrong with perfection but it became a problem for me when I couldn’t get things done. I was doing a lot more than but I couldn’t finish any task because it was not perfect.

I was letting my self down because I thought when something is not done perfect then it is not done. It made me put off so many things in my life because there were sub-standard. Yes, I am talking about many things even blogging. I always thought when I became the best copywriter that is when I start releasing content regularly. Yet with copywriting you only know what works and doesn’t by doing it wrong (Imperfect). John C Maxwell says “There are two types of people in this world. There’s a type of person that says I am going to feel like it before I do it and then there’s a person that says I have got to do it so that I feel like it. One will never get anything done because they are still waiting to feel the moment to move and the other person will say no, I need to move so that I feel the moment.”

How It Affected Me

Adding Up To Procrastination

Procrastination simply means what could be is postponed or may never be. I will testify to that many of my tasks held by perfectionism and procrastination were never done because I actually no longer remember what they were. Which brings me to another point that is highly important to write goals down when you are planning. You can remember your tasks but you may do them in chaos without order.

I Became A People Pleaser

You know I always grew up not being hung up on people’s opinions, but when perfectionism set in. I became the biggest people pleaser in the world and started to put people’s opinions think first before attending to my thoughts. I was no longer in charge of my brain instead I was following it not leading it. People’s opinions matter but when they stop you from doing what you have to do it becomes a problem. The funny irony behind this was that I didn’t accomplish anything because I wanted to please people. Trying to please people crippled me.

Being Afraid Of Failing

I didn’t know that failure is the best teacher to go a step up higher. Steve Harvey says “When you fail it means you are one step closer to success.” When you are afraid of there’s one true fact which is hard to accept YOU WILL NEVER TAKE ANY RISKS. Yes, I put in caps, where will be the challenge in life if you do not take any risks. If life is not challenging why live it. Easy is funny but it is not usually in your best longterm interest. I realise in order to succeed I should fail. It’s a learning curve not your age curve where the graph is always going up.

Perfectionism Is Stressful

You are never satisfied with what you have done and end up overthinking things. This becomes stressful and time-consuming. There will be no fulfilment in whatever you have done because you are never satisfied.

In conclusion, Les Brown says “anything worth doing is worth doing right as we have been taught but if you do not know how to do it right it is worth doing wrong until you get right” I really got that and I am going to do it wrong until I get it right.