Here’s Why Every Business Or Influencer Needs A Messenger Chatbot?

I have just finished setting up my messenger bot for my facebook page and WOW was highly impressed with its behaviour. No, let me answer you before you even ask there was no coding needed” in setting it up. I am sure if you ever used social networks like WhatsApp, Facebook or even on most service provider’s website you have come across a chatbot. Yes, that thing that pops up and says ‘hello there’ A chatbot is automated software which uses Artificial Intelligence to chat with people.

While setting it up I saw how this can be a huge asset to many businesses out there or even influencers. Think of it this way, when you are trying to get a dinner reservation at a restaurant you have to call, message or email the enquiries desk at appropriate times to get a quick response. But with a chatbot, you can set up reservations at 01:00 am and get assigned your table and time.

What can your business use a messenger bot for?

  • Customer Care (FAQ or other queries).
  • Data Storage.
  • Sales Funnel (For affiliate marketers).
  • Ordering food online (Pizza deliveries).
  • Payments.
  • Facebook Ads.

You are probably wondering which bot I use,it is Many Chat.

Many Chat Features


Messenger chatbots have many automated features which include having a main menu, default replies, welcome message and sequences. Bots can send automated messages to anyone who has opened the chat. Either it can be a welcome message(“Hello how can we help you?”) or the main menu which has options. This will likely make the user stay on the chat as you have given them an activity. An example is that a restaurant can have a main menu which contains two buttons which are RESERVATIONS and COURSE MENU giving the user a choice activity and getting rid of actually being on the computer or phone to reply.


These are the responses or the behaviour you set for your bot. Flows examples are Welcome Message, Educational message, Default Reply, Keywords, Sequences, Opt-In Messages, Main Menu content, Buttons, Pop-ups etc. In short, this where you set all the content the bot should have. How it will respond or react to the actions taken by the client.


You can schedule posts to broadcast to your bot subscribers. Setting dates and time to when you want your subscribers to receive a certain message when they do a certain action. It allows you to auto-post to your other channels like Youtube, Twitter and Facebook.

Live Chat.

This feature allows you to chat with your client directly. And yes that’s when you can pause automation or I can say pause the bot. When you have finished chatting with the client you can mark the conversation as done. This is highly important so that you can filter which clients you still have not yet responded to.

Default Reply.

This is a default reply that is sent to by a bot when it cannot understand the clients’ message either because of language or the message is just weird. The best way to avoid the client getting the default reply is by setting up tags which trigger certain flows you have created.


As I said a messenger bot can be used for Data Storage. Many Chat integrates with a number of multiple web apps like Google Sheets, MailChimp, ConvertKit and Hubspot CRM.


In my opinion messenger bots fixes some parts of emails we wish they had. Clients do not reply to emails immediately but with an instant messaging app like facebook messenger, you are more likely to get more engagement faster. Sending clients new offers will be quite easy and fast.
On another note, you are probably wondering why Facebook? According to statistics by Zephoria facebook has over 1.52 billion active daily users and 29% of the users are between the age of 25 to 34 years which means you have a high chance of interacting with these customers.