Elevate YoMix is an application which allows you to customise your own bundles (Data, SMS, Minutes). It is the new innovation launched by Econet’s Elevate Youth.

What should I do to qualify to customise my bundles?

First and foremost you should own an Econet line and then join Econet ‘s Elevate Youth program to qualify for customising your bundles. This service is only available to the Elevate Youth members it is not yet available to all Econet subscribers so you have to register for Elevate Youth.

Where do I get the application?

To customise your bundles you have to download the Elevate YoMix application on your mobile it’s available on the app store and play store. After downloading you login with your Elevate Youth account then click on the Create YoMix option and start customising your bundles.

How long do the bundles expire?

Elevate YoMix has five packages of how long the bundles should last which includes Daily, 3 Day, Weekly, Bi-Weekly and Monthly. So it is in your best interest to know how long do you want the bundles to last.

How do I know how much Data do I use?

The application has a data calculator which has 6 questions which help you select the size of data bundles you use. The 6 questions are adjustable and the data calculator does the rest for you. This helps to make your decisions easy and the questions are as follows:

1. How many minutes do you spend on Facebook per day? 2. How many emails do you send per day? 3. How many minutes do you spend on Whatsapp per day? 4. How many minutes do you spend on video-streaming per day? 5. How many minutes do you spend surfing the internet per day? 6. How many minutes do you spend on music streaming?

Can I add services in my package?

Yes you can add services like sports update, spin and win promotions, relationship tips and Comedy box.

Can I send gifts to other contacts?

Again yes you can customise a package and send it as a gift to another customer.

Is Auto Renewal Available?

Under the settings option on plans configuration you will find auto renewal button if you want your package to renew automatically when it expires.

Can I see how much Data,SMS and Minutes have I used?

On the active plans option you will see how of your bundles you have used and how long they are valid till when.

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