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Understanding The Value Of Time Management.

Time management should be one of the qualities that you should take very seriously if you are looking at your personal development. It is rightly said that a person who does not respect time does not respect his or her own self. Today, parents go all out to seed the values of time management in […]

The 6 Things Network Marketers Must Focus on

Network marketing is a marketing strategy that is highly used in business, but most network marketers do not know what to do to get the most out of this form of marketing. Below are some six “commandments” in network marketing that will take your business to another level if followed.

Econet’s Elevate YoMix Application to Custom Bundles the best deal right now.

Elevate YoMix is an application which allows you to customise your own bundles (Data, SMS, Minutes). It is the new innovation launched by Econet’s Elevate Youth. What should I do to qualify to customise my bundles? First and foremost you should own an Econet line and then join Econet ‘s Elevate Youth program to qualify […]

My experience with Muzinda Hub

Kclub Android Web Design

I have attended Muzinda Hub program and in this article, I will share my experience and what Muzinda Hub has done for me. There are a number of questions I asked my self before enrolling to Muzinda Hub maybe you too have some of the questions.