How Perfectionsim Has Held Me Back From Getting Anything Done


Perfectionism is the quality of liking to do things perfectly and not being satisfied with anything less according to Oxford learner’s dictionary. There is nothing wrong with perfection but it became a problem for me when I couldn’t get things done. I was doing a lot more than but I couldn’t finish any task because […]

Wondering How Much A Youtuber Makes? Here’s Your Answer.

Are thinking of starting a Youtube channel? But you are not sure how much you can earn? Well, Social Blade might just have the answer for you. Social Blade is an analytics tool for Youtube, Twitch, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Dailymotion, Mixer and DLive.

TinyPNG Image Optimizer and Compressor Review

There ‘s no longer a need to hire a photoshop expert to optimize and compress images preserving full transparency. TinyPNG is an online image compression tool. Its compression techniques reduce the size of the image(s) by 50 – 80% without a decrease in quality. It compresses both .png and .jpg formats, even animated images.

I Made My First Sale On Fiverr

Yes making money online is very real. It became a reality for me when I made my first $5 sale on Fiverr. The most important factor before being excited about getting paid was to get a good review and 5-star rating so that I can get more referrals and so I did.

How To Make A WordPress Website For FREE!

How To Make A WordPress Website For FREE!

Before we start getting into the core part of making a website let me explain what is WordPress? WordPress is an open source and content management system which means anyone or contributors can modify it. On a beginner or dummy level, it is the best or easiest way to create a website without any knowledge […]

What Makes A Successful Web Design?

Web Design

Are you a new web designer or you are just trying to build a website yourself for your business. These days, with all the free tools out there anyone can build their own website and have it up running in just under an hour. But I am sure you will have the same question I […]

How to Make an Eye-Catching CV or Resume

Are you still making that type of boring resume or curriculum vitae? One which justs makes your day lazy if you where the human resources trying to hire. Well, you should know that a resume is the first impression of yourself to the firm you are applying a job for? As we all know first […]

Here’s Why Every Business Or Influencer Needs A Messenger Chatbot?

I have just finished setting up my messenger bot for my facebook page and WOW was highly impressed with its behaviour. No, let me answer you before you even ask “there was no coding needed” in setting it up. I am sure if you ever used social networks like WhatsApp, Facebook or even on most […]

How To Grow Your Instagram And Twitter Reach And Engagement Using Hashtags

Twitter and Instagram are overcrowded social platforms. This sometimes causes difficulties for businesses or individuals to reach their potential clients or leads. Especially on Twitter with politicians both local and international competing for attention tweeting time and again sometimes even broadcasting live. Which brings me to say Hashtags might be what your business is missing. […]

Pot Player The Best Media Player Review And Settings.

Pot Player Review

In this article, I will explain why Pot Player is the best media player. Pot Player has multiple features which I will explain also in the video attached to this post. The features include a playlist, a floating control panel, skins, playing RAR files and also opening multiple windows. Pot Player Opens Multiple Windows. Yes, […]